Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

A Labour Market Impact Assessment is a process through which it is determined whether a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen is available to fill a vacant position within Canada. In absences of someone available in Canada, the Canadian government allows employers to seek for these talents outside Canada. This is done through a program called LMIA, where the Canadian employer applys for an LMIA and must receive a positive or neutral decision from the government department authorizing the employer to hire a foreign worker. When a Canadian employer is seeking to hire a foreign worker, it must first be determined if an LMIA is needed or if the position is LMIA-exempt before applying for a work permit. The work permit and the LMIA work hand in hand when seeking approval to come and work in Canada.
Work Permit for the temporary foreign worker
Employer application to ESDC

Employers can apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to determine if eligibility to hire a foreign worker to fill labour or skills shortages on a temporary basis. LMIAs for occupations considered essential during the COVID-19 pandemic are prioritized for processing.

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