Our Mission is to understand and help you achieve your immigration goals

We provide high-quality, honest, and ethical immigration services to assist foreign nationals wishing to visit, study, work, reunite with family members already in Canada, or to immigrate permanently through one of Canada’s federal or provincial immigration or investment programs anywhere across Canada.

Our focus is to recognize each client’s immigration objectives, help establish the best options, and work with them in developing a pathway to meet their goal.

We support each client in preparation of all necessary forms and supporting documents, to ensure a positive outcome in a professional, timely and dedicated manner.

What sets us apart is our attention to detail and our professional attitude towards individual clients.

Premica Baines

Immigrating to Canada as a young adult, I developed a successful management career with the federal government, providing 30+ years of service. I also earned my Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification. In my personal life, as a committed parent, I have raised two successful sons. Extensive travels to 60+ countries and living in Europe for several years have enriched my life and given me an appreciation of our global community and the challenges facing so many individuals, as well as highlighting the immense benefits and privileges of a life in Canada. My experiences abroad inspired me to become a licensed RCIC practitioner.
RCIC Cerified